Sunday, 26 June 2016

Mon axiome bleu indigo (Gens de la lune, 2014)

Francis Décamps of Ange fame founded his new band Gens de la lune in order to follow his prog-folk path adding some new elements to the old and beloved musical recipe. As this song will easily prove, a more commercial side of Ange world is possible and it can go on very well with symphonic rock passages and flashes from the Seventies. The first part of "Mon axiome bleu indigo" sounds like a neo-prog song (Marillion, or maybe Gazpacho could do), then goes through major changes and offers a theatrical spoken bridge and a true, majestic symphonic finale.

"Epitaphe" is a real rock opera and feature a lavish illustrated booklet.

Creativity still is the guiding light of Francis Décamps, and if he let some modern arrangements come into his composition, he also keeps in touch with his past glory. And after all, this track closes the manifold concept album called "Epitaphe", following the habits of the Golden Era. The magic atmosphere of old lingers on and the entire band plays with strength and passion. They definitely prog on.

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