Thursday 2 June 2016

Beyond The Ridge of Time - The Suite (Moma, 2016)

I wonder how many proggers live in Sweden... apparemtly there are more prog rock musicians than inhabitants in that lucky Country.  Please add to their growing list Moma (or Music Of Modern Artists), an original mix of classic influences and modern temptations. This track - the longest one in their Soundcloud selection - seems to me the best gate into such a diversified world. The suite is divided into five sections spanning over some 16 minutes of duration. Beginning with a melodic, almost neo-prog atmosphere, "Beyond The Ridge of Time" goes through many major changes, including electro-pop, experimental post-rock, spacey Floyd and so on.

Moma's melodies are always well found, also in shorter tracks.

Too many disparate things, maybe? Not at all: Moma manage to keep a strong control on their materials and the architecture of the suite has a pleasant, recurring and well balanced pattern. Those guys would please Pendragon and Procupine Tree fans in a row... a stunning achievement, if you please! The warm vocals also provide a guiding light during a musical journey I appreciated very much and I recommend to all my progressive friends. I bet we'll hear more of Moma.

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