Friday, 17 June 2016

Paintbox (Pendragon, 1996)

Another fairy song, one of those floating clouds that made Pendragon what they are, that's to say one of the most popular prog bands of the neo-prog era. "Paintbox" comes from the album "The Masquerade Overture" and is kind of a manifesto of Nick Barrett's guitar. Dreamy and liquid, this instrument is perfectly enhanced by all the other musicians and especially by Clive Nolan, displaying magical keyboards everywhere, and Peter Gee, whose bass guitar flows like a mountain stream through the Enchanted Forest.

Thank you, Mr. Barrett and... go on proggin'!
The sung theme is simply perfect, catchy but never trivial, and the instrumental sections are sweet and a hundred feet above the ground. I know that some of the most sophisticated proggers out there will consider this song too commercial and mellow for their tastes, but I'm a simple man and "Paintbox" makes me dream and makes me shiver so deep inside my soul. Will you forgive me?

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