Thursday 23 June 2016

Ocean Cloud (Marillion, 2004)

One of the most moving Marillion songs ever, this long epic comes from the album "Marbles" and deals with the personality of Don Allum, the first man to row the Atlantic in both directions. Including dreamy and rarefied instrumental sections, this track also features hearty vocals by Steve Hogarth and a manifold collection of keyboard effects. Of course, Steve Rothery's solos are among the highlights of "Ocean Cloud" and I won't forget to mention here some beautiful tempo changes and, last but not least, the heartbreaking lyrics, where Don Allum's sensations seem to be directly taken from his heart.

Strangely enough, Don Allum never was worthily recognised
for his double achievement. Jist this plaque and a song...

Even if this man payed his stunning achievent with his own life (he died from a stroke following the deprivations he suffered during his rows) the track is never pathetic and depicts the close relationship this man created with the sea and the natural elements. That's why the music constantly changes: it follows the everchanging and unpredictable sea...

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