Friday, 10 June 2016

L'Araignée-mal (Atoll, 1975)

One of the most surprising, unpredictable fruits of the lushing French Prog garden from the Seventies, this song is the title-track of the sophomore work by Atoll, the well known Metz-based crossover band. The gloomy and obsessive bass line of this song, along with the dramatic and theatrical vocals, create an original mood, mid-way between Ange and Magma, or between symphonic rock and RIO.

Atoll's line-up as seen on "L'Araignée-mal" back cover.

The lyrics and the music deal with madness and seclusion, but also with a distant, persistent hope, underlined by a dreaming guitar solo and some Mellotron chords in the final section of the track. The inner anguish and the struggle for a brighter perspective turn music into emotion and sounds into a lifelike experience. That's why, even if Atoll wrote more effective and more pleasant melodies during their career, I couldn't leave "L'araigné-mal" out of this humble blog.

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