Friday 24 June 2016

Höstbris (Autumn Breeze, 1979)

Even if this Swedish band's sound got more elaborated and intriguing after their 21st Century comeback, I still love the pastoral and plain songs from their debut album "Höstbris". The right word for it (and especially for its opening title-track) is "pleasant". The music seems to come out of a fairy tale, still it never goes sweetish or childish. Mellotron waves gently rise and fall, guitar riffs and drum cavalcades liven up the tempo, and finally a liquid guitar finishes up the musical trip.

This gently sketched cover matches with the music inside.

If several keyboard effects sound dated or derivative to the modern listener, the final effect is charming in its own way. Autumn Breeze didn't like spectacular walls of sound, nor devilish gigas, but their approach to prog, quiet and delicate, conjures up a sweet, caressing wind as light as a smile.

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