Tuesday 14 June 2016

Chapter II: Crowd on Sale (Ken's Novel, 2004)

This is a highly dynamic track by Belgian band Ken's Novel, taken from the album "Domain of Oblivion". Full of solos, devilish interplays, energetic guitars, dreamy interludes and earthy vocals, this track can be considered as a modern approach to progressive rock, both up tempo and melodic, not so far from the rockiest side of neo-prog. I also see a crossover and electronic sound in this track, based on irregular rythms and passionate themes, so that this is the less boring track I can imagine. 

"Domain of Oblivion" is the third album by Ken's Novel.

"Crowd on Sale" has an enthralling allure and such a beautiful, a manifold texture, a bright mood and a polite orchestration, along with a skillful performance by the entire band. If you like progressive rock the way it chould be, this song is for you.

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