Saturday, 25 June 2016

Linden (Ünder Linden, 2007)

Ünder Linden, despite their Berlin-retated name, are an Argentinian band playing a dreamy kind of prog with a very beautiful violin too. This track, coming from Ünder Linden's self titled album, is one of their best achievements, IMHO, including an arcane intro, some beautiful keyboard effects and, of course, the band trademarks: Roberto Medina's violin and Ignacio Scarsella's electric guitar.

"Ünder Linden" was the debut album of this Argentinian band.

Even if the up tempo section of the track has some pop-rock flavours, it combines the two main instruments in a very original way, so that the listener is pleasantly surprised and willingly follows the joyous and enthralling interplays. The guitar and violin solos are supported by a lively rythm section and a discreet and effective keyboards background. No doubt: this is the perfect piece of music for a dull day!

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