Sunday, 19 June 2016

Okusosola Mukuleke (Birigwa, 1972)

African prog rock albums (and musicians) aren't common at all, unfortunately, but here you are one of those rare pearls. "Okusosola Mukuleke" is a song by Ugandan artist Birigwa, released during his stay in USA, where he attended the New England Conservatory lessons. It is frankly impossible to enumerate all the different genres that Birigwa combined in his record and especially in this ballad: jazz, rock, ethno, and, of course, a pastoral kind of prog you wouldn't imagine from an African artist.

An essential and beautiful cover art, IMHO.

Actually, the sweet and spicy atmosphere of "Okusosola Mukuleke" perfectly describes the wide savannas and the flute - not so different from Italian prog standards - combined with the ethnic percussions draws an idyllic sketch reminding me a sub-saharian sunset (well, at least the idea I have of it). I also like Birigwa's voice, moving from melody to jazzy variations... in short, I recommend this song to all my prog friends out there!

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