Friday 3 June 2016

Shooting Star (Anekdoten, 2015)

Here you are an excellent example of modern heavy prog rock. Powerful and dynamic, but never too hard, this song opens the album "Until All The Ghosts Are Gone" and adds another pearl to this Swedish band's treasure. Anekdoten never try to mix metal and prog, as they perfectly know how strong and overwhelming prog can be, even without tons of distorted guitars. King Crimson surely are an important source of inspiration for those musicians, but their sound adds the flavour and the twist of our era to the classic sounds of the Seventies.

How I'd like to explore a mansion like this one!
Well, probably that's exactly what I do when listening to this CD.

The electric guitar solo of "Shhoting Star" or its old-fashioned organ could belong to an oldie (and goldie) LP from our youth, but the fast rythm and the sung sections are strictly linked to the most recent developments of progressive and mainstream rock music. Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson side by side, a bit of Floyd and a bit of Radiohead... in short, pure Anekdoten sound!

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