Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Moving Universe (Cast, 1999)

No doubt Cast are one of the best progressive rock acts from outside Europe (and even more than this). This song comes from the album "Imaginary Window" and begins with a gentle still lively intro, soon evolving into a Jethro Tull-like giga. The flute plays a central role in this song, even if, as usual with the band, all the instruments play as one and build up a full-bodied kind of sound.

"Imaginary Window" is  another pearl from the huge discography of Cast.
In fact, the rythm, the tempo and the leading instrument of "Moving Universe" constantly change, perfectly matching with the title. Francisco Hernandez and his electric guitar are brilliant, and so is the rythm section. The keyboards and flute interplays are among the highlights of this instrumental, so that I actually couldn't find a weak moment all along the song. This is prog rock at its best, a symphonic vertigo I recommend to you all.

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