Thursday 16 June 2016

The Darkest Hour (Crystal Palace, 2010)

Crystal Palace are a German band ranging between electronic prog and neo-progressive rock, specialised in arcane moods, guitar riffs and very good melodies. "The Darkest Hour" (not to be confused with the IQ's song bearing the same title, also featured in this blog) is one of the best ways into this group's sound. The electronic intro is followed by a well found sung theme, enriched by mysterious keyboards and strong guitars. The subsequent instrumental bridge is based on distorted guitars, then a wide open chorus shows how good Crystal Palace are when it comes to mix melodies with heavy rock.

"Reset" was the fifth studio album by Crystal Palace.

This energetic and diversified track also includes a spacey interlude, introducing an acoustic guitar-driven ballad, that sounds even more beautiful there, and is followed by an excellent final section, displaying a dreaming guitar (getting more and more Gilmour-esque), a relaxing set of keyboard chords and very good vocals. Crystal Palace may not be the most original act out there, but they forged out their own approach to prog.

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