Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cross-Eyed Mary (JethroTull, 1971)

One of the most iconic prog songs ever, "Cross-Eyed Mary", stands as a big favourite of all Jethro Tull fans. From the misty intro, down through the rocky main theme, the electric guitar solo and until the theatrical finale, this is quintessential Jethro sound. Energetic and diversified in both rythm and tempo, this is a perfect example of lively, enthralling and earthy progressive rock, the way Ian Anderson & friends know too well. The syncopated bridge between the intro and the first verse is simply perfect, ans so is the short and effective double solo (flute, then guitar).

Ian, Aqualung and Mary. Three of a perfect pair....

I won't forget the piano touches here and there, sharp and precise. Just a couple of words about the lyrics, describing a young and somehow liberal London prostitute granting her graces to beggars and poor men, including our old friend Aqualung. This Robin Hood of Highgate is another amazing character from Ian Anderson's manifold sketchbook.

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