Saturday, 5 March 2016

Blind Man's Mirror (Second Movement, 1976)

One of the most underrated German bands ever, IMHO, Second Movement released their first album in 1976 and this is its title track. The smell of the Seventies is very strong, especially when the keyboards come in, while the acid electric guitar and the bitig vocals add the right dose of lysergic sounds to the big picture. It's a fascinating mix of krautrock, symphonic prog and psychedelia, with just a pinch of space rock. I like the melodies too, so well found and richly diversified with vocal bridges and instrumental parts.

I highly recommend all the tracks of this album.

The keyboards and the guitars alternate with grace and fantasy, while the rythm section provide a lively and fluid stream supporting the manifold musical solutions of the track. Another living proof of how lushing was the German prog scene during the mid-Seventies and another example of the hundreds of hidden prog pearls we must shouldn't forget.

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