Saturday 26 March 2016

Inquinamento (Libra, 1975)

Libra are usually considered as an Italian prog band from the '70s, even if just a few of their thacks actually has prog elements in it. This is the case with this long song titled"Inquinamento" ("Pollution" in English) and coming from their debut album "Musica e parole". This music has a fluid structure, with many musical changes and a spoken set of lyrics in romanesco, the local language of Rome and its Region. These lyrics are about pollution, of course, and about the illegal exploitation of Nature.

Libra were from Rome and also liked jazz rock.
The music describes such a corruption in an effective way, gathering sweet sounds and dissonant effects in a surprising but never unpleasant series of sketches. I really like the guitars here, so sharp and so... Seventies! Not surprisingly, their kind of prog will prove itself suitable for movie soundtracks and theatrical productions.

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