Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ever Since You Killed Me (Knight Area, 2011)

Year after year and album after album, this Dutch band found a foreground place on the neo-progressive stage. This song opens the album "Nine Paths" (featuring nine tracks, of course) and has a highly dynamic profile. The guitar solos and interplays with keyboards are a winning point, but I also like some unpredictable changes and the usual melodic vein of Kinight Area. Of course, those musicians have very strong contenders in their own Country, but I daresay they deserve a special attention for the emotional side of their music, something many neo-prog heroes too often forget.

"Nine Paths" was the fourth studio album by Knight Area.

How beautiful to see how Mark Vermeule's guitar switches from dreaming accents to devilish solos and back again! And how pleasant to enjoy Gerben Klazinga's keys driving both up and down tempo sections of this epic! It's a deep, passionate and vital kind of prog I actually like and re-listen to with great pleasure.

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