Thursday, 3 March 2016

Permanent Vacation (Galleon, 1994)

Taken from the album "Heritage And Visions", this epic is one of the longest and most diversified tracks by Swedish band Galleon. Even if some of its passages seem to me uselessly long, I must admit there are so many good melodies and so many beautiful changes that I couldn't miss this track in my blog. Relaxing pianos and fast keyboards, strong vocals and ethnic glimpses, shocking contrasts and irregular rythms... what else should I ask for?

"Heritage and Visions" was the second studio work by Galleon.

Last but not least, the listener will admire some difficult guitar solos and even a hard-like riff. But what I die for are the themes the band wrote and I daresay this is a trademark of Galleon. In short, if you're searching for adventurous and experimental music skip this one, but if you like highly dynamic and passionate prog rock, get a try to this one.

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