Monday 28 March 2016

Stardust We Are (Flower Kings, 1997)

The title song of "Stardust We Are" by Flower Kings is a manifold suite full of changes and charming interplays, as usual with this band. If I choose this one for my post, however, it's because I feel more emotion in this epic than I usually feel listening to Flower Kings. The fusion between acoustic and electric instruments is perfect, and this surely adds a warmer touch to the big picture. On the other hand, the melodies are well found and the arrangements forbid any boredom and redundancy.

It also exists a 3LP+2CD deluxe set of this album... did you know?

I especially like the down tempo passages, full of misty guitars not too far from early Genesis. There's a strong coherence in this suite, also because it is divided in only three parts, even if it lasts more than 25 minutes! The three sections plot, IMHO, allows a more fluid and easy exploitation of each theme and a good deal of variations on them. In short, "Stardust We Are" is a song I always listen to with pleasure and surprise.

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