Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nueve ejemplares... no tan raros (Sintesis, 1979)

This is the 8 minutes opening track of the debut album by Sintesis ("En busca de una nueva flor", that's to say "Searching for a new flower"), one of the most interesting and eclectic bands from Cuba. During their long career these musicians went through a great deal of styles, moods and genres and this song is a perfect example of such a diversified approach. 

This band released many albums during their long career.

There are many acoustic parts, reminding me of Italian progressive rock (especially PFM), and a big choice of vocal harmonies, exploiting both male and female voices. Relaxing keyboards, folk guitars and jazzy piano touches are among this band's highlights, but you'll also find lively passages, some unpredictable changes and even a majestic finale. I think this is a lesser known prog pearl my friends out there will appreciate.

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