Friday, 18 March 2016

In Doga Gamee (Andreas Vollenweider, 1991)

Vollenweider's "Book of Roses" album was the most elaborate work of this Swiss artist, usually considered as one of the best new age musicians ever. That's why I put in my little blog this song, titled "In Doga Gamee" and featuring many progressive elements. First of all, there are sweet and airy melodies, then a very rich choice of sounds and clever arrangements, including vocal harmonies and a great deal of instruments. 

"Book of Roses" was the eighth studio album by Vollenweider.

Dozens of musicians were involved in the making of this album, building up kind of a flexible orchestra with a rich wind section and some ethnic instruments beautifully employed by Vollenweider. In this track I also appreciate the rythm solutions and, of course, Andreas' arp, the most known trademark of this eclectic artist. That's why this is definitely more than new age...

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