Monday 7 March 2016

The Sideways Saga (Spectrum, 1971)

This early progressive suite by Australian-based (but with a NZ frontman) band Spectrum is taken from the album "Milesago" and is worth a short introduction. The track is divided into four parts, each one with its own title: The Question, The Answer, Do The Crab and Everybody's Walking Sideways. The first one is a Beatles-like sung section, while the second and third ones are keyboard-driven instrumentals also feturing interesting interplays with an acid electric guitar. The final part resumes the opening theme, but this time it sounds like a Procol Harum ballad.

"Milesago" was released on CD by Aztec Music label in 2008.

The whole track has the smoky flavour of the proto-prog era and also the salty taste of a new musical adventure, as it surely was in the Australian rock scene of 1971. Actually, the whole album is kind of an experiment: not only it's the first double album in Aussie rock discography, but it also features a series of technical new devices (for Oceania at least), like new recording soundboards and extensive distortions. All in all, "The Sideways Saga" will prove how powerful and creative Spedtrum were at the beginning of their career.

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