Sunday, 6 March 2016

Premise of Life (Covenant, 1992)

David (Dave) Cryder is no doubt a skilled drummer and he played (and still plays) in many US bands, in as different genres as blues-rock and death metal. When he decided to go solo, he created this one-man band and explored our favourite genre, that's to say progressive rock, most precisely its symphonic side. Playing all the instruments, Cryder creates three tracks (two long epics and a song) to build up Covenant's  sole work to date, titled "Nature's Divine Reflection", actually the proggest name you could find for a CD.

Such a pity Cryder abandoned the Covenant project so soon.

"Premise of Life" is the opening suite, a kaleidoscope of devilish keyboards, highly dynamic drums and - that's probably why I chose this particular song - very good bass lines ang a guitar solo, all played by guest musician Bill Pohl. This added instruments give a more balanced sound to a composition packed with good ideas and well found changes. Obviously, the vast choice of keyboards is one of the highlights of "Premise of Life", but I do think the tempo variations and the enthralling progressions also are worth the listener's attention. If you like vintage heavy prog, don't miss this one.

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