Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Anesthetize (Porcupine Tree, 2007)

This "Anestethize", coming from the album "Fear of A Blank Planet", could be considered a suite, as the lyrics in the booklet were neatly divided into three sections, and anyway  its more than 17 minutes of duration time and the changes in mood, tempo and arrangement also justify this. The song is highly representative of the 2000s production of Wilson & friends, lining up atmospheric and rather sad moments, ballad-like themes and cold distorted guitars in the rockiest passages.

"Anestetize" also was the title of PT's 2010 live release.

For sure, this weird mixture has a mysterious emotional appeal, and it compels the listener to dig inside his or her soul, where the deepest fears and worries hid themselves. The last section, in particular, moves me each time I listen to this epic, but all its moments are there to outline a dark journey that has the power to nerve my spirit in a shrewd and keen way.

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