Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tapwala (Alms, 2016)

Alms are a one-man band, created and animated by Spanish multi-instrumentalist Aitor Lucena. As Alms, he released the album "Beyond" in 2013, while the song I'm introducing today comes from his sophomore work titled "An Irosmic Tragedy". "Tapwala" is - as usual with Alms - a flushing and increasing collection of acoustic and electric sounds, a colourful fresco, starting with a Dante's quuotation and going through many changes and even more moods. When you put so many ideas in one song, it's easy to lose control and to create an unsettled series of musical sketches.

"An Irosmic Tragedy" was released on January 2016.
Well, Airton is able enough to wrap up a well conceived and well organized epic, where each moment starts at the proper time and each theme is fully exploited and cleverly fitted into the great picture. And this with an unusual, ironic taste, lining up symphonic crescendos and horror movie soundtracks. More than this: each instrument represents a different perspective over the same musical landscape, so that "Tapwala" is a musical kaleidoscope, a precious casket full of surprises. Try it, my prog friends: it's... irosmic!

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