Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ommadawn part 1 (Mike Oldfield, 1975)

Useless to say, Mike Oldfield is one of the best composers when it comes to long and folky suites and I think it's a shame that most of the reviewers out there limit themselves to his first and most celebrated album. Ommadawn part 1 is a 19 minute, deep and dreamy composition lining up a series of heartbreaking themes and fascinating moods. This time Mr. Oldfield didn't play all the instruments, on the contrary there are many guest musicians and a well assorted group of vocalists, including Sally Oldfield. 

"Ommadawn" was the third studio album by Mike Oldfield.

Among those contributions the listener appreciates many acoustic and traditional instruments like Pan flute, uillean pipes and cello. Oldfield himself focuses on guitars and keyboards and for sure his acoustic and electric guitars and his trademark mandolins add the usual sweet, airy and intense touch to the suite. Once more, this is high emotional music, flowing like inner waves, but thanks to the well written melodies and the flushing arrangements, it never goes merely ambient. In a word: that's Mike Oldfield, folks!

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