Tuesday 6 August 2013

Stratosfear (Tangerine Dream, 1976)

When Tangerine Dream recorded this track and the same named album in 1976, they were famous for their uncompromising and experimental music, just for the happy few. With "Stratosfear" they proved their songs could be original but also enjoyable for a larger public. "Stratosfear" is pure electronic pulse plus a well written melody and a number of variations. It's a wavering instrumental track, whose crescendos and calandos create a series of landscapes including space rock, symphonic rock, psychedelia and electronic krautrock.

"Stratosfear" really was a seminal record.
...and not just for Tangerine Dream.

If keyboards provide the main musical material, with its out of time atmosphere, an acid electric guitar also comes out now and then reminding us we're in the '70s, after all. One of the best electronic rock tracks, IMHO, 10 minutes of pleasure and discoveries, never boring, never too pretentious.

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