Friday 9 August 2013

Heart of The Sunrise (Yes, 1971)

This song, taken from "Fragile" album, is certainly one of the creative peaks of Yes, but IMHO is above all a rythmic tour-de-force. Chris Squire's bass and Bill Bruford's drums are simply incredible: they create and de-create tempos and rhytms, weave alaborate lines and open the track with a crackling firework. When Jon Anderson comes in with his splendid voice, the volume of the track drops down, but Chris and Bill never leave the stage. Wakeman's keys and Howe's guitar add some embroderies to the big picture and... this is it! Just the time for a tutti last section and some piano touches to top the cake.

One of the finest artworks by Roger Dean, IMHO.

Yes had an incredible potential (maybe they still have today), five men = five monster talents, and when, in addiction, they write some great music and some intriguing lyrics, like here, we can do nothing but acclaim.

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