Tuesday, 27 August 2013

La mente vola (Alphataurus, 1973)

This Italian band only released this self titled album before the recent (and welcome) reunion. This track ("La mente vola", "The Mind Flies", in English) is my favourite one and fully represents the fantasy and the rich flavour of such an underrated record. The song is roughly divided in two sections: the first one is a long instrumental intro, where the listener appreciates an excellent drumming and a clever structure, revealing the main theme step by step, so that one letterally sees the airy melody rising out from the pulsing rythmic background.

The artwork for "Alphataurus" by Adriano Marangoni.

The second part is a good and typical Italian prog song, with a piano intro and a stretched sung theme, whose verse is well performed by the lead singer. Even if the whole song is soaked by a '70s atmosphere and the relative keys paraphernalia, the final effect is as surprising and pleasant today as it was in 1973. So, it's no surprise if the album and this song are more popular today than ever before.

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