Friday, 2 August 2013

There Are Many Sides to The Night (Steve Hackett, 1993)

"Guitar Noir" is one of favourite Steve Hackett's album, because of its coherence and also for this song, a sad and intriguing one, starting with the typical Hackett's dreaming electric guitar on a keyboard background and continuing with a softly spoken passage. Here the acoustic guitar comes in and the track warms up, introducing the beautiful sung chorus, performed twice.

A beautiful picture of Steve in concert.

The finale comes back to the misty and somewhat poastoral atmosphere Steve likes so much (and so do I). The lyrics depict a night in London and the singer coming across a tempting woman and the singer refusing her for his own love's sake. I really see and feel the scene and the night's sliding doors, the smells and the darkness, the cold air and the lamps, the woman's presence and the Thames flowing. Seven minutes of magic, a living slice of a night, of its many sides.

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