Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dreams of The Ferryman (Shadowland, 1994)

Among the dozens of bands and musical projects Clive Nolan was involved in, Shadowland deserves a very special place. Not only because they produced three very good neoprog albums back in the '90s (not to mention their 2009 reunion), but also for the energy their performances suggested. This "Dreams of The Ferryman" is undoubtedly one of their best songs, taken from the group's second album "Through The Looking Glass".

A very good album, this was. And still is.

There's a perfect mix of tension and melody here, with a well balanced approach. This is a rock track, no doubt, but its strongest point is the beautiful chorus tune, returning in many variations during the almost 9 minutes of the song. Should I pick out the best moments, I'd choose the stretched instrumental intro, perfectly introducing the Clive's vocals and, of course, Karl Groom's first guitar solo, let alone the aforementioned chorus and the somewhat unsettling finale. What else? Well, just try it...

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