Saturday 17 August 2013

Le bal des Laze (Ange, 1982)

Taken from "A propos de...", an album of french cover versions, this song is by far the best of the whole lot. The original Michel Polnareff's song is fully transformed in a longer and more complex composition, including a beautiful, atmospheric 4 minute intro, two excellent instrumental sections and a guitar driven finale, all of them featuring good keys and guitars.

Not a great album, maybe, but with at least one excellent song.

The vocals are, of course, à la Ange, with all the theatrical and charming strenght of Christian Descamps. The lyrics are also appropriate to Ange, describing an outlaw's impossible love for an English noble girl and his thoughts the evening before his execution, while a grand gala takes place in his loved one's castle (Laze is her family name, so the song title sonds like "Lazes' Dance"). If ever a cover version has been a good prog track, this is the one and I finally decided to add it to my collection, even before other very good Ange's songs... just listen to the final guitar solo and you'll agree with me. Well, I hope so.

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