Wednesday, 7 August 2013

2 am (Pendragon, 1988)

Coming from Pendragon, this is a very unusual song. Warm and lazy, sax driven, short and compact. Well, all the "Kowtow" album is a chapter apart in the band's career, but this is a very good song (alas, I couldn't say the same for all the tracks in this record...) and certainly deserves a presentation in this blog, for what it's worth. I don't know why, but "2 AM" has a hypnotic lure on me. Maybe it's because of its airy melody or the passionate vocals, or even the desperate lyrics. It doesn't matter to me.

Nick Barrett and Clive Nolan in concert.

For sure, if ever I listened to a great intimate prog song, this is the one. Its plain structure exalts one of the most important Nick Barrett's features: his feeling. That's why this track flies high above the genre and the period and lingers on in my memory and in my very heart.

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