Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Moon Is down (Gentle Giant, 1971)

This track comes from "Acquiring The Taste" and is one of my favourites ever in the Giant's eclectic production. There's anything Giant-esque in it: the medieval choir arrangements, the risch and even unusual instrumentation, some sudden tempo changes, instrumental passages and so on. I like very much the sung theme, but I'm especially charmed, as usual, by the inexhaustible fantasy of this band.

A milestone in prog history: "Acquiring the Taste".

This song is like an ever changing water, including dozens of good ideas and never lingering on them. I bet many other artists could get ten good songs from this material, such it is abundant, but this was the most challenging phase in Gentle Giant's career, a real blast of creativeness and unpredictability. In a word, prog at its best.

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