Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Invisible Man (Marillion, 2004)

Marillion did a great work with their album "Marbles", released in 2004 and this opening track is one of the CD peaks. Starting with a pulsing rythm and a sad melody, it goes through many changes, so many and so strong that one could describe it like a rhapsody or a brief suite. The first tempo change is by far my favourite, when the pulse leaves place to a floydian atmosphere and Hogarth sings an excellent theme the way we all know, with his inner, almost painful feelings. And there is more than this. Next change, next big surprise.

"Marble" was also graced by this strange and effective artwork.

Now the rythm has some oriental smell and the singer keeps on charming the listener with a precious helping hand from Mark Kelly's keyboards and an increasing, distressing tempo. Then, third dramatic change and here's another world, no far from a soul ballad, with a penetrating electric guitar provided, of course, by Steve Rothery and a sweet piano. At the end of this section, the rythm increases once more and the cried out loud finale letterally runs over the listener. What else could I say? Just this: listen to this song if you're searching for a strong musical experience.

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