Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tesla (Unitopia, 2010)

Unitopia come from Australia and they play a good, both traditional and unpredictable progressive rock. This "Tesla", taken from the album "Artificial" is a perfect starter for Unitopia's music with its 13 minutes or so of duration time. You'll find a thousand different influences here, from Golden Era bands to neo-prog heroes, so that the mood, the rythm and the tempo constantly change. The listener is engaged in a furious trip across the progressive universe and more: electronics, fusion, melody, ethnic flashes, classical piano, traditional rock... kind of a musical roundabout!

"Artificial" was the third studio album of the band.

Still, all those elements are so pleasantly linked and so well played that they seem to come to us naturally. Unitopia follow the widespread path of bands like Flower Kings and Spock's Beard, but their speedy and lush composition way only belongs to them. There are solid melodies, well found arangements and a clever architecture in "Tesla" that Nikola Tesla himself would find... electrifying! Sure, Unitopia pick up things we all know too well, but they do so in style, I daresay, and they constantly improve. A good omen.

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