Friday, 18 July 2014

Les larmes du Dalaï Lama (Ange, 1992)

Among the abundant production of Ange during the '90s, 2000s and 2010s decades, this is one of my favourite songs. And its strength could easily raise it to the inner circle of the band's best moments. Christian Descamps' performance is full of energy and pathos, and both the sung melody and the instrumental sections have something magic. Jean-Michel Bresovar's electric guitar displays all the colours of epic, perfectly backed by the rythm section and especially by the two percussion men Jean-Pierre Guichard and Eruc Toury, sounding like drums of war.

This was the 15th studio album of Ange.

That's why the delicate passages of "Les larmes du Dalaï Lama" (that's "Dalaï Lama's teardrops", in English) seem more ethereal and almost unreal. After some years  of strange, not always successful musical adventures, and the reunion of the original lineup for the previous (and good) album, this song opens the album announcing to the world that Ange definitely were back home. Finally and luckily. For me, at least.

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