Saturday 19 July 2014

Suite (Omega, 1974)

Useless to say, Omega are the most known and successful Hungarian prog band ever. Their 1974 "Suite" (or "Szvyt", in their own language) from the album "200 Years after The Last War" is probably the most traditionally prog composition of Omega. Nonetheless, it is a very original mix of moods and styles and a beautiful example of eclectic use of keyboards. You'll find two key players raging on Hammond, Mellotron and Moog and a very good, constant interplay between them and the guitars. Drumming is essential but very effective, so that all the suite's sections sound fresh and natural, with a bit of everything inside.

In this period, Omega used to release their albums
both in Hungarian and English versions.

Free jazz, heavy rock, space rock, atmospheric melodies, electronics and even a pinch of American slide guitars! A pretty mess, no doubt, but János Kobor's voice and the special touch the band has when lining up acid and sweet passages provide the coherence and the unity the track needed. The '70s in all their variety and splendour, I daresay.

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