Sunday, 6 July 2014

Seasons of Change (Blackfeather, 1971)

If you feel like redescovering the proto-prog thick, naive and powerful taste, this song is for you. It comes from the Australian band Blackfeather, more precisely from their first album titled "At The Mountains of Madness". This track was a good hit in their native Country and also has a rather strange story: The band wrote it during the album sessions, then passed it out to a friend band called Fraternity, under the agreement Blackfeather wouldn't released it in their turn.

Blackfeather only released two studio albums in their career.

But Fraternity's version of the song proved to be a huge hit and our band broke their promise, quickly recorded the track for the album and even released it as a single that overran Fraternity's version. The reason of this double success probably rests on the catchy melody, but also on the vaguely folk rock arrangement Fraternity suggested and Blackfeather fully adopted. A plunge in a gone but not forgotten sound that's like a sparkling morning breeze to me.

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