Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Al otro lado (Asfalto, 1978)

A classic, enthralling keyboard driven prog track by one of the most important and prolific Spanish bands ever. "Al otro lado" ("To The Other Side", in English) is a '70s up tempo song, coming from the album bearing the same title. If Jorge Walter García Banegas and his keyboards play the lead role here, all the musicians do their best to create a lively and diversified piece of music. All the long intro is an instrumental track of its own, then a short and melodic sung section comes in, adding an atmospheric moment to the track.

"Al otro lado" was the second studio proof of this seminal band.

The up tempo prog comes back soon after with a jazzier vein and another pulsing sung theme. This is a Yes-oriented passage, with a very good bass guitar, IMHO. The instrumental finale takes the shape of a powerful wall of sound and also includes some excellent elevctric guitar flashes by Julio Castejón. As you may imagine, the final result is a sparkling kaleidoscope of sounds and moods, one of the richest (and proggest) arrangements in the whole Spanish rock scene of the Golden Era.

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