Friday, 25 July 2014

Buscando sombras (Chaneton, 2010)

"Buscando Sombras" ("Searching for Shadows" in English) comes from "Sombras distantes" ("Distant Shadows"), the third studio album of a very interesting prog band from Argentina, called Chaneton, that's their founder and guitarist's last name. This musician is also known for being a member of Mandragora, an internationally praised local band. You'll immediatly recognize the Genesis, Fish era Marillion and also Pendragon inspirations in this song (not only here, to be honest), but also its strong emotional content.

This band debuted in 2000 and also released a Genesis tribute CD.

Not so many neo-prog musicians know how to move the listener and how to avoid useless technicalities and a cold display of spacey atmospheres. Chaneton fill their songs with something I'd like to call the human touch and they succeed in communicating inner feelings and warm sensations. Of course, Alex Chaneton's guitar solos are their best feature, but the rest of the band isn't a mere filler: they all play well and earnestly. That will be more than enough for me.

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