Sunday, 20 July 2014

First Distraction (Kaipa, 2012)

When Kaipa came back with their new "Vittjar" album, I was pleased by their somewhat surprising new songs. They were getting back to folk roots and on to new, harder sounds. This strangely titled song perfectly illustrates both directions. It begins with an acoustic section, featuring Aleena Gibson's beautiful voice, then the electric guitars come in and the rythm rises up for a few moments. A third mid-tempo section features two sung verses divided by a guitar driven instrumental part and ends up with an enthralling violin solo by guest musician Elin Rubinsztein.

"Vittjar" was the 11th studio album by Kaipa
and the sixth one after their reunion in 2002.

The following violin - electric guitar interplay is one of the best moments of the track and the abrupt reprise of the first theme is also excellent and closes such a multi-coloured song. A bit of this and a bit of that, but also a clever pattern, increasing the main theme value and its unpredictable variations. Javisst!

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