Tuesday 15 July 2014

Massive Illusion (Gazpacho, 2011)

When Gazpacho abandoned their previous attempt to reach pop mainstream and came back to longer and more complex songs, they produced sad and beautiful songs like this "Massive Illusion". As the whole "Night" album, the general mood is similar to what some would call post-prog style, but this kind of nocturnal, down tempo, atmospheric songwriting has always be a central part of the Scandinavian progressive rock. The song is both charming and variated, lining up electric and acoustic moments, all rather dark but never too monotone.

One of the finest records by Gazpacho, IMHO.

It's a perfect track for those who like to explore their own inner gardens guided by the music and actually this "Massive Illusion" seems to dig inside my soul each time I listen to it. Guitars,keyboards and the lonely violin of the longest instrumental section are like windows open wide onto an obscure world. Apparently peaceful and discreet, this composition is also disquieting and stingy, so that I can't keep it in the background and I regularly find myself somewhat affected by it. Thanks God, I'd say.

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