Thursday, 10 July 2014

Non mi rompete (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, 1973)

Taken from BMS' album "Io sono nato libero" this song is a perfect example of what Francesco Di Giacomo was capable of with his highly original voice. And it also features a beautiful melody, an unpredictable arrangement, charming lyrics about sleeping and dreaming, and a series of delicate, mostly acoustic sounds. The final instrumental section includes a pleasant keyboard solo by Vittorio Nocenzi, who also signs the music, leaving the lyrics composition to Di Giacomo, as usual.

This song was also released as a 7" single, b/w "La città sottile".
This is exactly what I call a prog song, exploring the deepest corners of human soul and abandoning any traditional pattern to find a new, stimulating path. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy this track both as a plain song or as a challenging musical trip. I suppose that's why BMS played such an important role in Italian prog rock and, later, even in pop music.

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