Monday, 14 July 2014

The Last Requiem (Amenophis, 1983)

A fully symphonic suite of about 24 minutes of duration isn't exactly what you could expect from a 1983 album. But it's exactly what you have here, coming from the self titled debut album of an almost forgotten German band. The three parts of this epic, titled "Looking for Refuge", "The Prince" and "Armageddon", surely look like Camel here anf there, but the delicate atmospheres of the track and its clever architecture deserve a keen listening.

Amenophis released a second studio album in 1988 and they
reunited in 2014 also releasing a third interesting work.

In particular, the long instrumental passages include many beautiful soundscapes. The bass and the electric guitar draw suggestive paintings and sometimes converse with the keyboards in a very refined and effective way. Other musical quotations come from Yes and Genesis but, well, I couldn't judge such an emulation as a deadly sin. So, this is a very interesting composition, a pleasant way to spend your next 24 minutes, if you believe me.

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