Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Troller Tanz (Magma, 1976)

The French Magma are among the most imaginative and unpredictable bands of the planet and often their tracks are well beyond my poor musical culture and need several listenings in order to fully appreciate them. But this is an apparently easy song, taken from the album "Üdü Ẁüdü", a good starting point to explore Magma world.

No, these aren't trolls: just Magma...

This Troller Tanz (or Ghost Dance) is exactly what the title says: a divertissement somewhere between horror and humour, mainly instrumental featuring only some spoken words in the language the band invented, the Kobaïan. As usual with Magma, rythm is the most important element of Troller Tanz, along with vocal effects. You actually see those trolls from the planet  Kobaïa dancing and howling around and the music surrounds you, boiling like a cauldron on the fire. Warning: risk of burning!

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