Sunday 21 April 2013

Time Has Come (Spock's Beard, 1996)

Spock's Beard are a very good band and this for many reasons. I emphasize this one: they gather all sort of inspirations to forge their own sound. Take this beautiful "Time Has Come", for example: prog rock, neo-prog maybe, but also some country music, a bit of heavy rock, a reminiscence of gospel and even a touch of psychedelia.

Spock's Beard around "Beware of Darkness" period.

Neal Morse is a remarkable singer and composer and here he shows up both these qualities. But the band add all the rest: guitar and keyboards switch themselves on riffs and melodies, bass and drums are always there, driving a perpetual change of tempo. And those passages between different moods are awesome: from the wall of sound to the piano or guitar solo, then back again in no time at all! The lyrics - as Neil Morse says - are partially inspired to a Steven King's character. Fantasy before all. This 16 minute suite was taken from "Beware of Darkness", the second album by one of the finest American prog bands ever... should I add IMHO?

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