Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Abre la puerta (Triana, 1975)

And now a Spanish band's track... what a band and what a track! Triana were ome of the greatest prog-rock groups of their generation and this "Abre la puerta" ("Open the Door") really opens a huge door on a totally new kind of music, sometimes called "Flamenco Rock" in Europe and "Rock andaluz" in Spain. Mind, please: in this song you'll find above all a very good prog rock, based on tempo and mood changes and effective plots involving acoustic and electric instruments. But you'll also find this "very spanish" atmosphere driven in by a warm and speedy spanish guitar and cadenced vocal melodies where Jesus de la Rosa's deep and beautiful voice stands out in all its glory.
Here's the single cover of "Abre la puerta".
This 9 minute song, taken from "El Patio" album, never tires its listener, thanks to the clean transitions between three different movements and the band's passionate performance. A ray of hot mediterranean sun over the usually foggy prog scene.

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