Monday, 8 April 2013

Firth of Fifth (Genesis, 1973)

Another essential landmark in progressive rock history, taken from "Selling England by The Pound". No matter what your favourite band is, no ona can deny this track teared down many boundaries and pointed out new directions for the whole movement. Peter Gabriel's vocals are great, but the instrumental passages are no doubt the strongest point of this song. The piano intro is now a classic of the genre, but the central part is a timeless wonder.
The famous piano intro of "Firth of Fifth".

As we all know, this section is the musical description of a river from its source to its mouth. Tony Bank's theme changes in tempo, solo instrument and arrangements: the flute and the piano portray the springing water getting down the mountain and jumping on the rocks, then Steve Hackett's guitar comes in and continues the river ride between hills and towns, getting more and more large and majestic until the sea ends up the journey and the song. Putting aside the allegorical meanings and the all the symbols employed, IMHO "Firth of Fifth" is the accomplished prog track.

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