Sunday 28 April 2013

Caricatures (Ange, 1972)

This excellent track is taken from Ange's first album, featuring the same title. It's a long track (some 13 minutes) starting with a spoken intro, where Francis Décamps shows for the first time to the world his original and theatrical style. The rest of the track includes a long, fascinating example of "medieval" prog rock, in which keyboards, percussions and vocals play the main role. Also interesting here the guitar / keys plots and the piano introducing the next section. 

This is where Ange's story begins...

After this beautiful instrumental pasage, the voice comes back in the final part and once again it amazes me, embroiding strange landscapes with a helping hand from the keys and some gentle percussion touches. Now, the lyrics. Even if you perfectly speak French, please don't try to find some logic here: one should simply enjoy the nonsense and the sounds. Resonance is all that matters, among Attila and the Holy Virgin, cunning zebras marrying curves and Al Capone selling his armor. Like a dadaist poem, maybe, or like the puppet play on the album cover... but with such good music in addition.

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