Sunday 14 April 2013

World of Adventures (The Flower Kings, 1995)

Maybe I'm not always fond of this swedish leading new prog group, but some of their songs really take my heart away. This is the case with "World of Adventures", taken from "Back in The World of Adentures", the first official release of The Flower Kings and still my favourite. This is a well organised and well written track, starting with a Yes reminiscent intro, then exploring new and old prog ways. Actally, in more than 13 minutes you'll never find twice the same idea, it's a phantasmagorical series of musical and vocal passages perfectly interlocked. Of course, Roine Stolt's guitar plays an important role here, but there's plenty of space for keyboards too.

Yes, prog is back.
Do you recognize any old friends in this cover?

The song's title says it all: it's like welcoming home all the prog fans, and the lyrics bode a new journey through the progressive world: "I'm deep into sonical changes", says Roine, then: "We're getting high on adventures / say goodbye to the pressure / prepare to fly." And we really fly here, high in the prog rock skies, we recognize many old friends (yes, the band quote some classics... find them out yourself!) and we see new ones. A great debut for those Kings... after all, you'll hear the say: "We're children of the Woodstock nation /lost in peace and contemplation." Great.

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